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These trailers offer two options of bodywork – chemical tanks and foodstuff tanks, which are used to transport all liquid materials, from plant oil using foodstuff tanks, through fuels and plant protection products using chemical tanks. We offer tanks with their own pumps and manual unloading systems.

We encourage you to employ our services which include domestic transport. As a forwarding company we will handle your road transport in a professional manner. We are also no strangers to express transport or transporting oversized cargo around the country. We are up to any challenge!

Your company’s forwarding order may also involve storage. For that reason, catering to the needs of our customers, our company’s forwarding services have been expanded to include storage as well.

International transport is an area in which our competitors also include other international transport companies. Our specialty is international forwarding. We provide professional services within Poland, in countries of the European Union, as well as in Switzerland, Norway and in Balkan countries. We guarantee reliable and timely service performance.

The scope of our services also includes transport of hazardous materials. As a transport and forwarding company we are up to the challenge. TSL-ECO has vast experience in the field of hazardous cargo.

We also offer oversized transport. Our fleet includes vehicles with a load capacity ranging from 1,5 to 24 tons and a wide range of trailers, including low-bed ones, created for special purposes. As a forwarding company we are no strangers to oversized transport or non-standard cargo. Forwarding, transport and logistics within the entire oversized goods transport process are organized to perfection.

Our company offers transport of loose materials domestically, as well as internationally. As a forwarding company we always rise to the challenge in such orders. Our forwarding services also include selecting the appropriate trailer to transport the given cargo.

Transport of liquid materials is another branch of TSL-ECO’s offer. Over the years we have acquired the necessary experience which today allows us to adapt our offer to your expectations.

Our company’s wide range of services also includes transport using moving floor trailers. It is a solution not only for loose materials, but also for pallets. Our dynamic, fully committed team will make sure that the term ‘forwarding company’ will be for you synonymous with professionalism.

Today we provide services for customers all over Europe, whose trades are based on various branches of the economy, such as, for example, transport of antibiotics and other medicine. Performance of such orders, often involving refrigerated transport, is a pure pleasure for us.

TSL-ECO also provides a wide array of logistics services. Much like the best international forwarders, we also handle loading, unloading, as well as transshipment and storage. Not all domestic forwarding companies can boast such comprehensive servicing of its customers.

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Vehicle bodies

It is definitely the bodywork most commonly used in trucks by transport companies, as well as transport and forwarding companies. This type of bodywork enables loading / unloading not only from the side and rear, but also from the top. The tarpaulin covered bodywork is available for small busses, as well as large tractor units with 13,6m L x 2,45 W x 2,7-3 H trailers. Used for carrying out domestic and international transport. The tarpaulin is used to cover transported loads which require particular protection against weather conditions.

Otherwise known as a box-type trailer, it is characterized by a cargo space permanently attached to the truck. It is most often used for international transport. Container transport, whether using containers permanently attached to a car or 20/40 type sea containers are most cost-effective in the case of bulk cargo transport.

Various types of trailers and bodyworks equipped with a loading lift, or platform, which enables loading and unloading of individual goods – in particular: loads on pallets, loads on trolleys,, goods in transport crates, etc. The loading lift is especially helpful for smaller customers and enables receipt and collection of goods.

These are all the bodies which enable carriage of a larger load. These include so called tandem vehicles, as well as mega and jumbo trailers. The load platform is able to accommodate goods in a volume usually around 120m3. Such bodies are usually used for the transport of Styrofoam, mineral wool, transport of packaging and cartons, etc.

In terms of dimensions practically identical with the tarpaulin/curtain type trailer, with the difference being the height. Here, instead of 2,7m there is as much as 3m of loading height, and often an additionally raised roof enables 3,1 – 3,15m. Such trailers feature a lower suspension and a smaller tire diameter. Such trailers are very popular in international transport.

Used for transporting coils of steel strip, usually with a loading length of 9 meters. The special “V” shaped depression in the trailer bed allows to properly secure the steel coils, the weight of which can reach up to 10-12 tons. Our domestic or international forwarder will happily provide you with any additional information.

We differentiate between refrigerated transport and iso-thermal type transport. A freezer type trailer is able to operate in a temperature range from -30 to +30 degrees, while an iso-thermal trailer is usually intended to maintain the temperature above 0 degrees. Loading is only possible from the back. Our transport offer contains small refrigerated / iso-thermal transports (busses), as well as large trailers (13,6m – 22 tons).

As a forwarding and transport company we carry out many transports using tippers. The smallest of tippers (approx. 30m3) are usually made from aluminum and, due to the softness of the alloy, are primarily used in domestic transport of sand, small fraction stones/gravel, feeds, grains, etc., while large ones (60-75m3), generally made from steel, are used for bulk materials, as well as, e.g. boulders, scrap or even timber logs.

Specialized trailers primarily used for transporting machines, e.g. loaders, bulldozers, harvesters, tractors, as well as all other oversized and non-standard cargo. They are available in various configurations in terms of length, load capacity, number of axes, etc. All non-standard transport is subject to special provisions and regulations, which is why they should be organized by persons specialized in these types of transport/forwarding orders.

This type of cistern trailer is intended for the transport and storage of various loose, granulate and powdered materials. Silo trailers are usually equipped with compressors for loading and unloading the given goods. The trailers are widely used in different branches of industry and commerce, from transport of granulate feed for farming, through cement and dry building mixes for construction.

These trailers offer two options of bodywork – chemical tanks and foodstuff tanks, which are used to transport all liquid materials, from plant oil using foodstuff tanks, through fuels and plant protection products using chemical tanks. We offer tanks with their own pumps and manual unloading systems.

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